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Remember Ann?

After moving Mom into a Retirement Care Community, it was time to work as a family to decide how to continue Mom's Legacy, peacefully. After all, Ann, Grant, George and Lucy knew they could not divide property and they did not want to argue over it.

Ann's mom wanted to bless each child while she was alive.

They decided to 1031 exchange Mom's properties so that Ann, Grant, George, and Lucy could have property that fits their lifestyle. It was a big change, but they all looked forward to sharing new memories together as a family.

"A Real Estate Plan begins with a Simple Strategy Session to Discuss Your family's Goals"

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We work with your team of trusted advisors to ensure the plan you decide on meets all aspects of your financial and real estate goals.

"Paying for Long-Term Care: The Essential Guild to Understanding and Funding Senior Care"

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Renae Quigley, Realtor®,  Agapé Realty- KW Real Estate Planner  Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES)

Is Your Home No longer working for You?

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What Can I Do to Build a Family Legacy?

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Why Trust Sierra Home Transitions?

Do you already know a Real Estate Agent? The answer for most people is Yes. Often there is a family member or close friend who has a real estate license, or even someone you have used in the past.

What we often see is people focusing on the current need to buy or sell their home, and missing out on how the purchase or sale fits into their long-term real estate goals and reacting later in life.

As a Keller Williams (KW) Real Estate planner, our approach to real estate is a bit different. While a Real Estate Agent will focus on the finishing the current transaction a Real Estate Planner helps ensure your current purchase or sale and future decisions you make throughout your lifetime help to achieve your long-term real estate goals.

You will be amazed how a conversation with a KW Certified Real Estate Planner can effect your ability to Build, Protect and Transfer Wealth through real estate.

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Sierra Home Transitions  (916) 407-0566   Keller Williams Real Estate Planner  Need Help selling my Home  Realtors near me
Sierra Home Transitions  (916) 407-0566   Keller Williams Real Estate Planner  Need Help selling my Home  Realtors near me

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