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Transferring Wealth to Future Generations

Is your goal to transfer real estate wealth to your kids or grandkids? Have you ever heard of a family that fought over wealth they wealth? The challenge is real estate cannot be divided. Even when assets are passed down through a trust, heirs may not agree on what to do with the properties once received. Through a real estate plan, we seek to employ strategies to transfer real estate wealth in ways that meet the family's goals and avoid family disputes.

Real Estate Cannot be Divided

Unlike other investment assets, real estate cannot be divided. If you own a single investment property and wish to pass it down to your three kids, challenges arise when the kids cannot agree on what to do with the property.

This fact alone can lead to family disputes after your passing.

Are all your properties the same?

Even in the instance you have an equal property for your kids, not all properties are the same.

Family dynamics, location and personal preferences come into play. So how do you choose who gets which property?

"A Real Estate Planner is a licensed real estate agent who is certified and has the knowledge, training and experience to compassionately guide a real estate owner in ways to create generational wealth, minimize taxes and facilitate goals of the family."

Are All your Kids Alike?

Family disputes can also arise as a result of differences in the recipients of your properties. One child may wish to hold onto the properties and build their wealth, while another may have an immediate need for the money and therefore wish to sell the properties. And others may attach a sentimental value to the properties and wish to hold on to the properties even though it may not meet the financial goals of the family.

"A Real Estate Plan begins with a Simple Strategy Session to Discuss Your family's Goals"

Consider Capital Gains Taxes Impacts

You may consider selling assets prior to your passing. When you sell real estate, the sale may be subject to taxes based on the gain in value of the property. The gain in value is classified as a capital gain and the potential tax associated with that gain is referred to as a capital gains tax. Capital Gains taxes can be one of the largest obstacles to building generational wealth. Understanding Cost Basis is a critical component of minimizing capital gains taxes. Through a real estate plan we look to employ strategies to minimize or even eliminate capitals gains taxes, enabling families to pass more wealth to future generations.

What Does it Mean to Bless Your Family While You Are Alive?

Through a Real Estate Plan, we will help you discover your goals and understand potential challenges along the way. We will look to employ strategies that pass the benefit of the real estate while you are alive, while considering tax impacts and the goals of the family.

Collaboration with Financial Advisors, CPAs and Trust Attorneys

We work with your team of trusted advisors to ensure the plan you decide on meets all aspects of your financial and real estate goals.

A Real Estate Plan begins with a simple Strategy Session to discuss your family's goals.

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Why Trust Sierra Home Transitions?

Do you already know a Real Estate Agent? The answer for most people is Yes. Often there is a family member or close friend who has a real estate license, or even someone you have used in the past.

What we often see is people focusing on the current need to buy or sell their home, and missing out on how the purchase or sale fits into their long-term real estate goals and reacting later in life.

As a Keller Williams (KW) Real Estate planner, our approach to real estate is a bit different. While a Real Estate Agent will focus on the finishing the current transaction a Real Estate Planner helps ensure your current purchase or sale and future decisions you make throughout your lifetime help to achieve your long-term real estate goals.

You will be amazed how a conversation with a KW Certified Real Estate Planner can effect your ability to Build, Protect and Transfer Wealth through real estate.

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